Happy Birthday, Uncle Jack! From Meredith




Meredith, Matthew, Wesley and Lindley live in rural Maine where they own 4 horses, 6 chickens, 3 dogs, two cats and 3 pigs.

One of Meredith’s first memories is attending Jack and Kathy’s wedding. Growing up Jack was always the guy that was debating politics (quite loudly I might add) with her dad at Christmas and Thanksgiving and Kathy was her sweet aunt who owned the bookstore in town. That was quite the bragging right when she was in elementary school. After moving to California she didn’t get to spend time with them for close to 10 years. Since moving back to Maine we have had the pleasure of getting to know “Uncle Jack” and “Aunt Kathy”. The moment we walked into the door it was like coming home. The kids were immediately dressing Jack up and couldn’t stop hugging him.

It has been wonderful to grow a relationship with you as an adult, Jack and Kathy, Thanks for welcoming us with open arms.


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