Happy 75th, Jack! From Joni and Bill

I hear it’s your 75th birthday and if I weren’t so close to my own, I might be impressed! But I guess you have beat me to it.


I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing me with my new friend, Sam (a 600 lb Galapagos tortoise), who lives at the Botanic Garden, where (yipee!) I have finished my docent training and passed all my requirements.


I’m also sending you a photo of Bill “in uniform” (the best I could do)….


…..and I tried to ferret out something that had Bryan (on the bike),….


…..Richard (on the couch)….



…..and Kate (this one is at Torrey Pines)….


…..all with the kids,….


……plus one of the kids “working” this fall at a local clean-up.

We will be going up to Kernville for Xmas at the end of the week. Richard is coming, too.

I’ll catch you up on my knee at a later time. I’ve seen an orthopedist (gave up on the PT which was only making things worse), but so far mixed results. I had an MRI on Friday, so perhaps that will shed some light on what’s going on.

I hope you enjoy your birthday (in as much as they can be enjoyed at our advance age).


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