Memories of Jack by his dear brother Bob


Jack and Bob Edmonston fall of 2017

Above you see a picture of Jack and Bob Edmonston. For those of
you who don’t know us, Bob is the ‘good looking’ one.

I (Bob Edmonston) have had the pleasure of Jack’s company for
nearly seventy five (75) years. I am considerably younger than Jack
and I have always looked up to him. Growing up I knew Jack was
bigger, stronger, and smarter than me. I knew this because Jack
always bossed me around. ‘Bobby, do this, Bobby, go over there’ was
all I ever heard. This was OK because deep down inside I knew
Jack may be bigger, stronger, and smarter than me but I was the
‘good looking’ one. In high school, Jack studied Greek, Latin and
advanced math while I got German. I hung on to I am the ‘good
looking’ one. Jack went to an Ivy league school, I went to State U
but I was still the ‘good looking’ one.

As we grew older, I saw signs of things changing. Both of us with
young families lived in the same small town, Wayland, MA. One
night, I went to pick up a large order of Chinese food at the local
Chinese restaurant. I went in, asked for my order and gave the lady
my credit card. She looked at my card, read the name, looked at me
for a long time and said: “you must really like Chinese food.”
Seemed weird to me. A few days later I was talking to Jack, and he
mentioned he picked up Chinese food at that same restaurant only
a few minutes before me. The little Chinese lady thought I was
Jack coming back for more food……Then, a month or two later, I
was in men’s shower at the local exercise gym. A gentleman, totally
naked, started to approach me to give me a big hug. When I took a
step back with a look of utter amazement, he said: “aren’t you
Jack?” …oops, ‘no I am BOB’, (the ‘good looking’ one). My goodness,
I was totally mistaken for Jack, TWICE…Seems like Jack was closing
the gap on the ‘good looking’ scale.

Then just recently, my daughter moved from CA to Maine bringing
her two (2) beautiful children, Wesley and Lindley, with her. We
were very close to them in CA and missed them dearly. They both
missed their “Papa.” Then, Meredith brought her children down to
Boston to meet Jack and Kathy for the first time. THE KIDS
THOUGHT JACK WAS PAPA. Jack promptly told Wesley we do look
alike but Jack was THE GOOD LOOKING ONE. Oh my goodness, Jack
was now AS GOOD LOOKING AS ME. Took him seventy three (73)
years, but he has finally closed the gap.


Love you,

Enjoy the day.

PS, I must admit when I look at that picture, I do look exactly like
you…Jack, you are one handsome dude!!!

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